Here's What Our Members Have to Say

“The chamber is a great marketing tool to make your business known in the community. Once you are a member you network with other businesses. Thus, the “word of mouth” is invaluable. The chamber represents all businesses and being part of the chamber aligns your business with integrity. The chamber is a status symbol of professionalism. Members are viewed upon as belonging to a special group of business people in our great community. We joined the chamber to enhance an awareness of our business segment and to help support job creation for the community.”
Jon Hoffman of Sun Kissed Tan

“The chamber is important to my business because it helps to improve the quality of my employees through professional growth opportunities; it also gives them a chance to get involved in the community. The chamber is also important to the community because they serve as a clearinghouse of ideas and a catalyst for action. Civic pride and community projects find an opportunity for expression and an Incubator for growth. The main reason why I joined the chamber is to be a part of the efforts to make Aberdeen a better place to live, work, and raise a family.”
Jeff Mitchell of Homes Are Possible, Inc.

“The reasons I joined the chamber were to belong to an organization that is devoted to the betterment of the business community in our city, to encourage community improvements and to promote the benefits of doing business in Aberdeen, to be a part of an organization that deals with issues that can both improve our city and/or deal with issues that would not be in our best interest, and to encourage business leaders to share their abilities to lead this community into the future. The chamber provides these opportunities. One voice may not be heard, but several voices will be heard.”
Dean Karlen of Karlen & Associates

“Everyday more businesses begin to look to the web to sell their services and products. Consumers are also becoming more educated by doing research and comparisons online. We need to make sure we let the public know that they can get the products and services they found online hear locally with the personal touch and dedication we are use to in South Dakota. The Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce is one of the best tools to let other business know what you offer so that we can work together to keep as much business as possible here in Aberdeen.“
Marshall Dorsett - Vision Care Associates